Investor Office
The Bihać City Administration, or the Local Development Management Service at the Bihać City Administration, has opened an Investor Support Center, which tends to grow into a so-called One Stop Shop. The establishment of this center is one of the support mechanisms for improving the favorable business environment and attracting investment in the city of Bihac. 
The initial idea of ​​opening the Center is to meet the needs of potential local and foreign investors for a local business service in which they will receive all the necessary information regarding starting and developing a business and investing in the area of ​​Bihać.

The task of the Investor Support Center is to help domestic and foreign investors to solve administrative obstacles, ie to accelerate the investment process in such a way that the employees of the Center will be at the service of investors and perform for them all necessary actions within the City administration body and beyond.

The Investor Support Center is tasked to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of investors, to facilitate the investment process in the area of ​​Bihać, and to create a portfolio of location projects as an investment offer of the city of Bihać. The next task is to present the Investor Support Center to higher levels of government and network them with ministries and their departments. Also, the task of the Centre's officers is to monitor the investment from its inception, through its realization, to post-investment support.

The Investor Support Center  performs tasks related to:
- implementation of the established policy, implementation and monitoring of laws, other regulations and general acts in the field of local economy development
- preparation of draft regulations and other acts within the competence of the Section issued by the City Council or the Mayor, nomotechnical processing of these regulations, giving opinions, proposals and suggestions when drafting regulations issued by other competent bodies
- conducting first instance administrative proceedings
- preparation of analyzes, reports, information and other expert and analytical materials for the City Council and the Mayor
- collecting and performing statistical processing of data on jobs in the area for which the Department was established
- establishment, keeping and updating of prescribed records and registers within the scope of work of the Department
- issuing certificates on facts on which official records are kept and certificates on facts on which official records are not kept
- participation in the creation of the budget of the City of Bihać in the field of local economy and development economic policy
- development, implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the City Promotion Program

- creation, production, redesign and distribution of promotional materials
- promotion of investment opportunities of the City of Bihać, creation, production and updating of promotional materials
- identifying investment opportunities and developing innovative solutions in response to market and potential investor needs
- assisting and servicing businessmen and investors
- analyzing and proposing incentive measures for local economy development
- proposing measures for improving the business environment in the City of Bihać
- implementation of activities to support the continuous and quality work of the Council for Economic Development of the City of Bihać
- other affairs determined by law, other regulations and decisions of the Mayor and the City Council