Complaints and submissions

Pursuant to the Law on Principles of Local Self-Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Mayor, Heads of Departments, Heads of Departments and all employees of the Bihać City Administration Body and public institutions and companies founded by the City of Bihać are obliged to follow the principles of public interest and the common good.

All of these regularly communicate with citizens, associations and many interested citizen groups through meetings, meetings, letters, e-mails. Their work is public and subject to public criticism, therefore citizens have the right to file complaints and complaints about the work of City administration employees and public institutions and businesses.

In the case that in some city service, public institution and company employees do not behave in a professional way, do not provide the necessary information, etc., citizens can file a written complaint and complain about the work of employees.

Complaints and submissions may relate to:
a) provision of services,
b) procedures,
c) the attitude of employees towards service users,
d) expertise in the work of employees,
e) other issues

The complaint and filing form must contain the following elements:

the name, surname and address of the citizen, or the name, seat and address of the legal person,
statement of complaint or submission,a description of the irregularity, dissatisfaction or suggestion with all relevant facts,
a proposal by the citizen for resolution or what the citizen expects the administration to do on complaint or submission,
filing date, legible signature.